My Life by Mark Eccles

The saga of the Mark Eccles profile.

Sorry! We were unable to find that Member Profile.

This is the Error Message that displays where one a MyLife™ once existed. For years Google was able to index the profile created many years ago without any external links pointing to it. When it morphed into the profile was searchable despite being highly annoying to visit without at least logging into their site and really one had better have a paid subscription. Free members have little access. But I digress.

The previous profile was online at:

During a recent attempt to update any information contained in the account the opportunity was presented to change the username one time. Perfect! Naturally there was one obvious choice for me and I took it. Mistake! This was the exact moment that the previous provile went away which wasn't totally shocking, though I had expected it to forward to the new username. When I tried to visit when I then thought should be my new profile URL I was sad to see the same Error Message as before.

The current profile should be at:

But it is not and that is why this page exists.

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